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Victims | World Leaders | False god

(Received 12.5.2019 @3:48 am.)

The following was made known to me, start of message below:

The masquerade is being divinely removed, for many have cried out to Me to intervene for justice in the lives of many victims. I AM.

The charade is being shaken. Soon, world leaders will openly vilify each other. Their disdain for each other will burst open in public display. People will fear for their personal safety. Many will turn to Me for hope of life. In these days of turmoil, I will have a people who will manifest My glory in the midst of a wicked and perverse generation: great will be My power in them.

Speechless will many be when they see My power arise in these; these who are wholly dedicated to Me, during humanities hour of greatest need. The beginning of sorrows is soon to start. I AM what you really need.

Talks of diplomacy lead only to more of the same, with no real change, as nations roar with violence and hatred. Rhetoric can not heal nations, only My love for mankind can heal. My love was displayed long ago on the old rugged cross, which so many hate due to perceived notions that are not so, not true, and have caused many to believe I AM not who I say that I AM.

The nations will clamor for a savior to rescue them from complete destruction, but the savior will not be who I AM. Another will arise, a false another. He will make a great show of power, false power, dark power, illegitimate power, yet, granted to him for only a certain hour. His power will be short lived. His goal will appear noble, but in the end, he will be proven to be the liar that he is. All will see that I AM the King, the King of Glory, the Great I AM.

Decide now to follow Me, wholeheartedly, and in that day your lives will I keep and redeem unto Me: the one who came, died, and rose again for all humanity, I AM He.

Jesus, The King of Glory.

(End of message.)

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