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Toothpick Economy | God's House: A Dark House of Horrors...

(Received 9.23.19 @ 2:54 am)

Economic challenges will be severe for those who do not align with My word and maintain holiness in their lives. I heard: ”Tell them to stop being stubborn or they will suffer extreme financial challenges.” (Note: While listening, the voice of the Lord became agitated, it was intense and struck a deep reverence within me toward Him.)

Strong’s Hebrew # 5637 defines Stubborn as:

To turn away, be refractory; meaning, unmanageable, and resistant to a process or stimulus.

What many experience now is a substitution of the real economy. (Note: I saw a hand removing the real economy and replacing it with a false reality). The economy is being held up by toothpicks. (Note: I saw many toothpicks, equally spaced apart, underneath what I knew was a false foundation. It was not a true foundation). (Psalm 11:3).

They must trust and believe Me for what they need, now. Life challenges will be severe for those who refuse to surrender wholly to Me. I will feed My people and meet their needs. (Psalm 12:6-7, Proverbs 10:6)

He questioned:

What is their idol?

Where do they place their trust...truly?

Is it not Me?

It must be!

The day of calamity is at hand for this nation. Be found only in Me for I am your refuge and sure foundation, none other. (Psalm 18:10). Unparalleled shaking will happen quickly and suddenly. What they speak with their mouths must align with their lifestyles. I will have a people. (Psalm 11:7, 4:3). Some have built up their faith muscles and they trust Me. Others have not used their faith muscles and do not trust Me. As I heard this, I saw a picture of robust arm muscles and a picture of flabby arm muscles signifying the difference.

What follows are two dreams I’ve had. One in recent weeks and the other one almost two years ago:

1. People were running in between baseball bases. They looked frantic. I was made to know that the old financial system was gone and a new one was in place, causing people to be in much turmoil and confusion.

2. Almost two years ago, in a dream, I saw a large rope. It had unraveled so badly that all that was left was one very fine strand, keeping the rope in place. I was made to know that it was symbolic for the economy of this nation. I released a video email about this to the subscribers at that time in 2017.

A New Way of Life &

God's House: A Dark House of Horrors

(Received 9.8.2019)

Startling changes will soon be evident in this nation. For some, it will bring devastation, for some, prosperity never seen before. The posture of the heart will be the measure that I use to bless some and discipline others. (Psalm 75:6-7) Both camps, the blessed and the disciplined, will know My hand has come upon them in accordance with their individual hearts condition toward the God of heaven. (Job 31:5-6, Psalm 75:5-6)

Landscapes will change overnight. Companies long established will close their door overnight. Modern conveniences will experience disruptions never seen before. (Proverbs 29:4) The strong in Me will rise in My power and authority bringing order in chaos and fear. The social order will disintegrate and so will the religious order. Disarray will be common everywhere, but so will My presence, in the those yielded to Me and purified for Me.

(Proverbs 24:5)

Although a new way of life slowly rises now with every gun shot heard through out the nation, imperceptible changes have been steadily increasing and are set in place as the solution when chaos reigns. Laws that bind will ensnare many as their appearance is benevolent, but are not. Leaders have left the sacred way in favor of governmental bribes meant to increase their control, and soon payback will be the result in the form of unquestioned submission and surrender. (Job 15:34-35, Ezekiel 22:12)

The alarms and warnings have been given for many years, some have heeded them and prepared, some have not. The time of preparation spiritually, mentally and physically is almost over for when calamities come as increasing judgments, one after another, time for preparation will have vanished. (Ezekiel 33:6)

The heavens declare the anomalies, spoken of as a warning sign in My word. (Psalm 19:1, 50:6, 97:6) So many have been lead astray into this world and its pleasures. Money and idolatry have created a blind and deceived people who live for only themselves. A cesspool of blind, stubborn, and a rebellious generation, all clamoring for more, never realizing in all their getting they remain poor. (1 John 2:15, Psalm 78:8)

The wounds of mind and hearts fester with the grasping after their rights to live as they* please. The house of God has become a dark house of horrors and these* will not enter in only to receive more temptation to sin. Bereft of hope for change, they* live wounded and in sin, while the modern church sings their idolatrous songs bathed in apostasy and utters falsehood not in My word, the world falls deeper into debauchery and wickedness. Turn to apostasy, they will not, and hesitant to remain among the dead they will be.

(Matt. 23:13, 23:38-39, Luke 11:52, Psalm 69:24-27, Rev. 2:20-21, 3:1-3)


Church of Mine

Bride of Mine

To you I do speak

It is you I seek

I have come to be Your very life

In these final hours, cling to Me

Yes, I will speak

And lead you out to many

Who will take heed

I've not passed you by

I AM by your side

Although the day slowly turns to night

By My might

You will burn Bright

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