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Today’s Church | Rat in the Church

(Received 11.19.2019)

The following was made known to me, start of message below:

The church was brought forth through His blood, which poured out from His side and tattered body. He was brutally beaten by His accusers and mandated guards who killed the King of Glory, the Son of God. This same King paid, in full, the note given to humanity by the Eternal Judge, so that none would face eternity without hope, and without mercy from the King of Glory.

The church moves on and grows by His Holy Spirit, who so graciously empowers His disciples, those who humbly seek His truth in order to live by them. These are those who move by His Spirit and grow by His Spirit. Not all who say, “Lord, Lord” remain close to Him, the one who shed His blood so that all would know His life, in spirit and in truth.

The church from long ago and the visible church of today languish in resemblance. Today’s church can barely affirm their allegiance to Him. The early church said: Jesus is The way. Today’s church says: Jesus, and, and, and. The mixture of today’s church has caused many to leave, many to weep, and many to deny He even rose from the grave. Yet, He remains at the right side of The Father, Elohim.

Church of today, bought by His blood, and His conquer of death, hell, and the grave: what will you finally believe? That Jesus is King or simply your casual friend? That He is holy and worthy of adoration, or that He loves carnal praise?

Church of today, have you considered how the early church suffered by merely saying His name? What do you say when confronted by those who hate because you say: only in Jesus name can one be saved?

Church of today, dressed nicely and full of positive thoughts; yet, bound to endless “likes”, afraid to be disliked and un-friended, simply because your post said: Today, is the day to be saved.

Where will our hearts linger when soon we will be like the early church, persecuted for speaking His name? How can we offer what we don’t have when social status and “likes” consume us? Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts and sink into settled rebellion.

The Jesus of our making is a lie. Compare what we believe with the Holy Scriptures and you will see how far we are from those who first believed. Predecessors of ours from the beginning of the word of God, to the end, and, only two out of millions, were able to enter the promised land. What about you, will you? End of message. (Correlating dream below).

Dream of Today's Church

This dream was received on 11.17.2019. Several distinct areas, as it relates to today’s church, were made known to me in the dream, they include:

I walked in a church and saw these things:

1.The person sitting behind the keyboard looked like a magician. He was dressed in black and wore a black magicians hat.

2.The screen where the lyrics are usually displayed were replaced with symbols and unrecognizable words: looking at the screen caused confusion.

3.The worship leaders were dressed in very sparse black body suits. Their appearance was that of Las Vegas show dancers.

4.A very large rat, the size of a raccoon, and dressed in a little frilly dress, walked among the congregation. The rat would stop in front of different people, waiting to be petted.

5. No one was alarmed and everyone petted the rat, with fondness.

6.A lady from the congregation, a leader, showed me around the building explaining the church culture. We stopped inside of a food pantry area. She began speaking about the feeding program when suddenly her language became very profane. I heard one expletive after another. She continued speaking as though she wasn’t even aware of her language.

Conclusions from the dream:

The sense from the entire dream was that the church does not live in purity unto the Lord Jesus, while preparing for His imminent return.

Worship was impure as it sought to manipulate the hearers. Evident by the symbolism of black, and magician hat.

Worship leaders were all dressed in black, signifying impurity and spiritual seduction. External methods employed to spiritually seduce hearers.

Congregants gladly accepted spiritual deception and the consequences of it in their lives. The rat signifies impurity and deceit.

Language that pleases the Lord was not esteemed within the leadership.

Certainly not all churches are in such conditions; however, this dream confirms some are.

(Correlating prophetic song below).

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May we repent and draw closer to the Lord Jesus in sincerity.

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