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Sifts & Shifts| Change & Uncover

(Received 2.13.2020 @ 2:40am)

The following was made known to me:

This year will see the arrival of many changes, some good, and some not (Isaiah 43:1, Ecc. 3:1). The best way to endure is through thanksgiving and praise so that you can remain in Me and not against Me (Psalm 69:30, 107:8-9). This year will be historical, like it was in the Wild West; squirmishes will abound, and flare ups will flare up new changes and new faces (Daniel 2:21, Isaiah 46:10-11). Keep your composure regardless of what may come by remaining in Me. I will be your stability, not the Dow Jones nor any other financial indicator, none are your stronghold or refuge (1 Samuel 2:2, Psalm 62:2).

A sharp turn is just ahead and it will jolt you like a roller coaster ride (Isaiah 45:22, Psalm 22:27). Stay focused on the eternal matters, not on changing and shifting sands that will appear more and more around you this year (Psalm 82:5). Life will feel like you’re walking in quick sand, nothing will be stable. Nothing will give you a sense of permanency; nothing, because everything will be shaken: top to bottom and side to side (Psalm 11:3-5). The only sure foundation is the Rock of your salvation. Nothing can save you, but Me. Nothing has the power to save, but Me (Psalm 56:13, Deuteronomy 32:39-41, Acts 15:11, 1 Peter 3:21,

1 Timothy 6:18-19).

Practice time in My presence. Practice life giving words and refuse words of defeat and words that entangle you, leaving you lifeless and wandering without purpose in Me (Proverbs 4:22, 16:24). Stay in My word, it is life to your heart and mind, and it will heal you when nothing else will (Psalm 147:3). The days ahead will be the challenge you’ve seen in your dreams (Acts 2:17-18, Joel 2:28-29).

These days will sift through the false and true: the true and lovely versus the false and hateful. Anything can be covered up, but this year begins the great uncover (Isaiah 30:28). Surprise after surprise of uncovering will take place. Gasp after gasp will resound as I uncover and dig up (James 5:20, Ephesians 5:11,13). Do not be afraid or dismayed, this must take place (Proverbs 21:15, Psalm 94:16, Joshua 1:9) so that I can bring out My kingdom through a people who’ve been redeemed and prepared by Me. All will see that My name saves, heals, and delivers (Acts 2:18, Isaiah 44:22, Matt. 6:10, 10:7).

The four walls can not contain My authority in the vessels that I will raise up, they are fully and thoroughly yielded to Me. My Kingdom rain is soon to be released upon many who will weep (Hosea 10:12, Isaiah 45:8). The nation soon reaps a multi-duplicity (Strong’s Greek #3834: craftiness, cunning, shrewdness, and skill) from misdeeds it has sown (Luke 20:23-25). Citizenry will be in deep need of relief. The church today is ineffective to meet the mass needs (2 Peter 1:3-8). My answer will be to raise up those who’ve allowed My seed to flourish into the image of the One they adore (1 John 5:1,4,12,18, John 1:12-13, Galatians 3:28-29, Hebrews 7:1-28).

Shift to the left and shift to the right and all through the night. The great might of the Living God will be felt by all, your nation is about to take a great fall (2 Corinthians 4:16-18, Daniel 2:21-22). Call on Me when you see the shifting of your foundations, none can bring stability, none but Me.

(End of message)

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