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Political Havoc | Purge Is Coming

(Received 12.4.2019)

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The following was made known to me:

My people are in a spiritual famine for having looked well to the things of this world; more than to Me, they feel dry and parched in a weary land. If they will, they can learn to receive from Me, daily, and know Me by My love in them, and for them.

What many see with their natural eyes is a mirror of the spiritual battle over this nations destiny: it is fierce and it is real. Those who have eyes to see are being called on to intercede like never before, as the fight for freedom rages.

This battle is not between political parties, as it appears. This battle is between the father of lies and the perfect Prince of Peace,The Savior of mankind. The battle of the ages is ahead and the liar dreads his ultimate end, an end of complete defeat. For now, he is limited to skirmishes such as the one’s seen all over the world, these will increase as the promises in the Holy Scriptures come to life more each day.

What should be your response as the battle rages on, wait and see, or cry aloud to Me?

Sit passively or lift up your hearts to Me?

Which do you prefer?

Few seek Me to give an answer directly from Me. Instead, so many give of their human effort to bolster the image of their preferred party. How has this tactic served to bring peace? How has this lead you into surrender unto Me and My purposes in your nation? Hidden meetings and hidden agendas, none can achieve lasting peace until all lean completely into Me. What will it be? Masquerade your personal hate or lay your hearts bare before Me?

I AM coming to sweep the decks of deceit from this nation. A cleansing is coming after the deceit is swept away. A deep cleansing is coming to wash away corruption, to wash away lies, and purge the soul of the nation. Like a bad infection, so is this nation infected, but her cleansing comes soon.

Prepare for your medicine America, that which you do not like is coming to heal you, and heal all who have come to an end of their trickery and deceit. Medicine never tastes good, but it does heal. In due time you will see that My medicine will heal you, if you allow Me to do so.

Much shouting and disparaging one another behind your elaborate doors have not resulted in seeking peaceable solutions. Back room deals, payoffs, and secrets to keep your agendas have not worked either. A spoonful of My medicine will taste bitter to you as it goes deep into the roots of your corruption, expect it.

Reservations by some have not prevented your current position. Your tentacles are global and deeply entrenched, but My medicine will intervene in the unfairness of your ways. Your medicine will not have sugar. Maker of heaven and earth, I AM. (End of message.)

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Scripture References

Famine due to a lack of the Holy Scriptures - Amos 8:11-12

Famine due to the rejection of the Holy Spirit - Psalm 107:34

Famine due to rampant sin - Isaiah 59:1-4

Famine due to worldliness - Isaiah 55:2-3

Famine due to embracing witchcraft - Isaiah 8:19

Famine due to self-satisfaction - Revelation 3:17-22

Famine due to spiritual weakness - Psalm 119:81

Famine due to loss of hope - Joel 1:14-16

Judgment - Psalm 75:1-10

God vindicates His Holy Name - Ezekiel 36:23, 25-29, 31

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