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National Rousing & Paul Revere's...

(Received 10.14.2019)

The following was made known to me:

Start of Message:

Deep suffering is coming to the people of this nation. Their stubbornness and wickedness will surely give way to affliction from their enemies. The sun will go down on their wrath and bring forth fruit consistent with this nation's evil deeds. Storms of various kinds are on the horizon. They loom larger everyday, and My church still sleeps in deceit. My sword will permeate and divide soul from spirit, shocking the sleeping church to wake up. No more stupor, no more napping in false deceit. A rude awakening is coming.

Specific one's by My Spirit, like Paul Revere, will rise and go through out the land declaring: The Kingdom of God has come! Prepare the way of the Lord, for soon He will establish His presence in His peculiar people: exploits they will do. The Paul Revere types are coming bringing My message of the kingdom and repentance. Bow to the King of Glory! will be their shout. Winds of persecution are coming, but so is My power unlike any time in history. Sanctify your lives, when the power of God comes, will He find a vessel worthy in you? End.

(Received 10.15.2019)

The following was revealed to me:

Start of message:

While ministries continue to build their kingdoms, My Paul Revere types will be released through out the land, their entrance is unexpected. It is known only to a few who have seen in THE Spirit, like never before, after waiting on Me for an answer to their spiritual drought - all over the land. The drought stricken and the sleeping church shall meet My Paul Revere’s. A national rousing shall occur among all denominations for they are in all denominations, waiting.

Some will suddenly know they are to stand and begin to proclaim what they hear My Spirit say. Some have known for a long time that they will be released by Me for this purpose, to rouse My sleeping church from her slumber. She is asleep, not only spiritually, she sleep walks following blindly every whisper not of Me. Her blindness is dark and her sleeping has left her vulnerable to hurt, from many. She has stumbled in her sleep, she has fallen, and she has been mislead.

While many build their kingdoms, these Paul Revere types will begin to arise and bring news, unique news and it will alarm many. It is meant to wake up the leaders in the church. They will move by My spirit and will follow My directions. Their appearance is not like common ministers. These are unknown, un-famous, and reputation-less. They’ve been waiting, hidden, and silent. Soon, they will be heard, speaking of Me and My soon coming kingdom. Their message will be: The Kingdom of God is at hand and all must repent. They have laid down their lives for Me and are fearless, while they listen intently for My direction. These will be a surprise, while My church lives her life of ease. End.

(Harp instrumental below....)

Scripture References

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