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Interruptive & Unexpected Events

(Received 3.9.20)

The following was made known to me:

A turn of events is about to happen, one that will cause many to come to Me, unexpectedly. Though many will feel overwhelmed, I will use it to bring many to Me. People from all walks of life will come to Me, love them all, regardless of what you see. Many will return to Me, having left Me due to years of disillusionment; some, will come to Me for the first time. This is a specific time in history, unparalleled with any other time, and difficult for many.

Remain in peace regardless of what you see. Remain in peace when humanity encounters the power of The Almighty, who, indeed loves all and beckons them to come to Me, in spite of misdeeds. Do not fear the events upon the earth. These are the beckoning calls for all to come to Me. Salvation of souls is what I seek so that many can be with Me for all eternity.

Prepare your homes for many will come to Me and need further instruction about Me. Prepare your hearts with more of Me. Keep your eyes on Me, more, than on what you now see. Turn to Me in order that I may instruct you on how to care for those who will need more of Me. Do not fear the changes to come. All is well when you remain fixed on Me.

Let the praises of salvation rise as you see the unexpected turn of events interrupt the lives of many. Rest in Me and in My peace, for in Me, you will have strength to endure and stabilize those around you. The knocking on many hearts will continue as you see other calamities. Stay surrendered to Me to hear Me, for every need you have will be supplied by Me.

There are many who seek the Lord from the perspective of their political ideology, and not only for Him - because of love for Him. Consequently, He sees divided hearts before Him and weeps. The authorities of this nation have divided hearts and He waits for them to fully surrender only to Him. (End of message).

Harp and Song below: Were it Not for The Cross

Poem below: Settled Rebellion

Poem below: Settled Rebellion

As a flower blooms

So too can I cause their love for Me to bloom again

In the blooming, will they find deliverance from their hidden sin

One look into Me

Away from all that entices them into darker sin

Is all they need

A touch of My love can heal the root of sin

That has so easily caused them to hide from healing love

For them

Yes, I see and weep. Yes, I see, and I call to them repeatedly.

Now, hard are their hearts, and a song they will hear, to begin to see that

I AM is all they need.

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