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Faith of Millions Will be Tested

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Before posting a message below, a few thoughts. They are as follows:

The Kingdom of God is soon to come forth, permanently! And while many verbally celebrate the promise of a New Jerusalem being established on earth, at the second coming of the Lord Jesus, there are many that struggle, inwardly (with their whole heart, mind, soul, and strength), to believe in the Holy Word of God, more, than in popularized feel good ideologies, cloaked in a veil of unbiblical values (doctrines of demons), and eloquent pious-sounding words.

Not surprisingly, we now see, and will continue to see, the chasm of disharmony and discontentment between our present day reality and what we have believed from past un-questioned and unscriptural philosophies. In short, the real crux of the current discomfort for believers in Christ is not a closed church building, it is what we believe, in whom we have believed, and in what we will believe. All three areas deeply impact the human psyche: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and relationally. How then can we alleviate the deepening affliction we are experiencing without access to a church building, practically?

May I offer scriptural counsel?

First and foremost, if even a tiny sliver of an inward knowing that we are in the very last days, as stated in scriptures, now resonates in you, the spirit of God within you is waking up. That said, know and believe that the dismantling of this present age, which will give rise to the Kingdom of God on earth, will not occur without much temporary suffering due to the calamitous global economic, societal, and geopolitical shifts, over time.

Second, in the midst of intense global shifts, there are those who will endure till the end. These will survive cataclysmic changes and live to see the Lord‘s second and final appearing. During the temporary suffering of these never before seen upheavals, a Bride for Christ will be prepared. Never heard of such? Study what the scriptures say about the Bride of Christ, the New Jerusalem, and preparing in holiness for the Lord.

Third, sincerely commit every part of your spirit, soul and body to God the Father, Jehovah God, through genuine repentance of all sin, thereby giving God full access, by way of His Holy Spirit, to become His temple where He dwells in you, unencumbered. Believe the scriptures when it says: ...”the Most High does not dwell in houses and temples made with hands; as the prophet says.” “...What kind of house can you build for Me, says the Lord, or what is the place in which I can rest?” (Complete scriptures are found in: Acts 7:48-60). Undoubtedly, we are to prepare ourselves for His indwelling by His Holy Spirit; and, we can. We have the time, now.

Our temporary global troubles are the catalyst for the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth. This is at the core of all we see and feel, now, and going forward. Revelation 11:5 says: the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in Heaven, saying, the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.

The following message was made known to me:

Early this morning, I was made to know: The faith of millions will be tested.

Start of Message: Many do not believe the hour of scriptural events is where it really is at. The lives of many are unprepared for the sudden changes about to take place, though many have already taken place, shrouded as the best for safety and protection. Speechless will many be when history reveals the hidden misdeeds, and that not far ahead, bringing dismay to those who now say: oh, we’ll have better days.

Better belongs to those who are Mine and those who are fearless in the face of death, fearless in fiery trials, and fearless to speak My name when soon it will become unlawful to publicly speak of My name. A price these will pay to speak My name. Censorship has begun in My house. This will lead to censorship in your house, the temple where I live by My spirit. You are My temple where I live. What will be your response when the attempt to re-make My temple in you becomes a mandate?

As the outer court leads to the inner court and finally to the Holy of Holies, in like manner, the censoring of My houses of worship will lead to the inner court, your physical body, in an attempt to reach the place where I dwell in you by My spirit. At what cost will you protect the temple where I dwell? Will you sacrifice My temple for the temporal or trust Me for the eternal? The decision to choose will soon be upon you. In this decision, the manifestation of the wheat and tares and the sheep and goats, will be made clear. Those who do not believe My words, will be deceived and believe the lies of deception, words of peace and prosperity. The cost will be My temple: My presence in you. Choose this day whom you will serve. (End)

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Scripture References (Amplified Classic Translation):

Psalm 56:4

Philippians 1:21

Luke 21:16-19

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