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Changing Platforms | Technology | Barbaric Society


The platforms for many will change this year. Some will step down, some will step up, by My divine will. It will be a re-arrangement on a massive scale, it is My doing. In this, offense will rear it’s ugly head, and pride will look like an angry porcupine, but this will still be My doing. New voices, pure voices will be heard. The no names, nameless faces of My body will arise by the providential plan of My Spirit. Houses of praise will be birthed this year, and many will come seeking answers and will then find Me there, waiting and ready to save, heal, and deliver.


Technology will seek to ensnare many by mandatory submission in various companies, in this nation. It will increase; the pressure to submit, as chaos and calamities increase. Be vigilant and avoid entrapment of all that promises freedom, yet, yells: entrapment, in your spirit. Even well-meaning ministers will succumb to the snares because of maintaining their social status among their peers: do not follow them, they are water-less clouds and empty cisterns unable to maintain My presence in them, nor do they urge their following to seek Me, intimately. (The timing of this event was not made known to me).


Many will soon be shaken and will look for answers in diverse places. It will be My hand that guides them to you for comfort and assurance.

How have you prepared yourself?

How have you made preparations for these who will come seeking Me?

Remain strong in Me as the battle will intensify bringing discord and division in society like never before seen. Families will see an increase of division because of ideologies, when what is really happening is spiritually charged between good and evil. Remaining in peace at your places of work, in your homes, and even among friends will become increasingly difficult because of some who are not Mine, and some who are, yet, they refuse to believe these times are the very end times.

A distinction between those who say they are Mine, and those who are fully Mine will become clearer every day. The ultimate cost of being Mine is being willing to lay down your life, if circumstances were to place you in that position: many will deny Me at this point. The cost of following Me is your life. It is to be sanctified unto Me spirit, soul, and body. There is no fear in love because perfect love casts out fear. The words of life for you in My word removes fear and establishes you in My love, if you allow them to. Set aside time to think upon My word, it is a shield, a refuge, and a stronghold for you. Every time My word sinks into your soul, it displaces fear with My love and strength. Your preparation is of the utmost importance in these final days.



A barbaric society is on the horizon, one without restraint

Who will spew hate

They will try to make others join their ranks

But some will resist because their hearts are Mine

These will share words of life and call others to repent

For their hate will lead them to the fiery pit, reserved for all who hate My name

And reject My grace.

A social change is under way. Now is not the time to wait for another day, when everything fits into a predetermined schedule, nice and neat to suit your needs. No. This change is real and it will cause some to loose meals. The haters will squeal with sheer delight that their might has overtaken and brought the night. Black and dark will be the sin, and pervasive in all, who, being filled with hate won’t hesitate to make you fall from your secure place.

Only My life in you can keep you safe.

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