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Betrayal and Saul Type Conversions

(Received 11.6.2018)

The following was made known to me:

Be wise. Be alert in Me. I will teach you to love, though it is clear, betrayal is near.

Love can cover the sinister heart of another.

Love can share a meal with a Judas sitting near.

Love in Me, love through Me.

Always love regardless of the loss to you, love as I did.

In love is the strength you will need.

In love is the power you will see.

In love are the great exploits you will experience with Me.

Love must be perfected only in Me.

Your vital need is always Me.

Your life goal is found by seeking Me.

I lead you into what I have for you to do for Me. Some receive this truth and bear much fruit for My kingdom. Some never do and live an empty and frustrated life, though material gain has been easily made. In the end, they are disillusioned with the worldly accomplishments they’ve gained.

Life is far superior to man’s ideas when I AM is at your side leading you into My life. The days that remain can change, it is not too late for you. Knowing that your generation is in the final days, strengthen what remains. Seek first the kingdom of God, seek to please your God and He will add to what you need. Lay aside your busyness, seek Me, it is really clear that you need of me.

The masses will demand one day’s amount of food, while diminishing the importance of the lives of others. Riots will be common as daily necessities will be impossible for many to obtain. Murder in the streets and other atrocities will redefine human behavior in a once peaceful nation. Peace and quiet will be no more. Demands for life sustaining programs will be met by reluctance at first, then, promises of abundance, in exchange for complete allegiance, will be promoted.

People will willingly submit to everything that promises them life, never having placed their eternal trust in Me, the King of Glory. They will be preyed upon to serve the agenda of the evil one. At the last day, the battle between evil and good will uncover the King of Glory. Those who refused to repent will be lost forever, separated from the Prince of Peace, for all eternity. Fear will tear men’s hearts apart. Grief will leave many in a state of mental breakdown. Starvation will cause many to become barbarians. All civility will be eradicated. The darkness of evil will permeate the minds and souls of unbelievers.

In the midst of a despicable life will be My holy people. My life will be radiant in them as they walk about the darkness with Me. They are covered by My blood, sealed by My presence, and filled with My spirit. Together, we will do great exploits, never seen, never known. These will have a measure of My power none other has ever had in church history. These have believed in the Holy Spirit dunamis power of a living God. They’ve been converted, as Saul was, into Paul. They dared to believe as Peter and they love as John the beloved. These will not love their lives, even unto death.

Years ago, they began following Me, only Me. They never bowed their knees to the glory of appreciation from religious titles, or Christian accomplishments, neither have they craved recognition for their simple obedience to Me. They love Me and not the man-made systems that simmer down their love for Me. They can not be persuaded to follow along blindly because they esteem the authority of My written word over the words of popular Christian spiritual authority, devoid of My truth and power: white washed sepulchers, leading many to sleep in their deceit. These will fade in the terrible day. These will leave My table seeking fame and money like Judas. They are now among you.

End of message.

Another Agenda

(Received 8.22.2018)

The following was made known to me:

This nation, United States of America, will experience one calamity after another. Utilities will be interrupted for several weeks. There will be violence and hunger. There will be civil unrest. Families will be separated into different shelters. Across this nation will arise tornadoes, fire, torrential rain and hail, and earthquakes too. Financial ruin will hit the nation, hard, in response to unrepentant people who continue to sanction the killing of babies.

Despite the promises made by your President, there is another agenda kept private within the halls of the White House: an agenda with far reaching implications. This year will see an increase of fear, not payoff for financial increase as some believe. This year, many will reap from last year’s deceit and hidden schemes. A downturn in the financial realm coupled with unpredictable weather anomalies.

I sit high far above the rulers and principalities of the air. I AM over all and see all as My ways and thoughts supersede the limitations of mankind. I will demonstrate My power to those who think I AM not real and non-existent. I will call to account the manipulators of earths systems, all of which will come under the control of the evil one, for only a short time. Think it not strange then that great deception will cover this earth.

Many who praise Me now will curse Me in the future. The lie of a useless Old Testament has left many open to deception. My laws were meant to convict and lead My people to Me. My characteristics have not changed. My involvement with humanity has not changed. The God of the Old Testament is the same God of the New Testament. My church has relegated Me to a position of serving them on their terms. They have believed that a decree can circumvent suffering, that massive amounts of financial support to Israel implies automatic blessings from Me, this is not true. My heart is grieved with their hardness of heart, perversion of minds, and oppression of the weak and poor.

Where are the true shepherds?

Where are the sincere elders and deacons?

Where are the intercessors who intercede through My Holy Spirit instead of their needs?

This year, I will bring much to light. Much of what has been shrouded in pleasant and lofty words will be challenged by sleeping sheep who will begin to awaken as they see calamities come to your shores America the beautiful.

End of message.

Vehement Opposition

(Received: 2018)

The following was made known to me:

A time is coming when those who worship Me, now, will vehemently oppose Me. Never knowing Me, they will become offended by Me because of the opposition they will soon encounter. Hatred toward their current associations will become their new normal. They, without hesitation, will lay down their life-long allegiance to Me, in favor of all that cocoon’s them in peace and prosperity. Having never known Me, they’re unfamiliar with carrying their own cross and following Me. As it is written, worshiping Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me. Invitations to know Me and My ways have been rejected and traditions embraced. The status they ascribe to; external displays of worship, while never communing with Me, are preferred because of public adulation. Ceremonial pomp and circumstance is preferred over My presence and My holy words. In the end, they will be left with only a form of religion and a definite denial of the power therein.

These are the same ones, who, when calamities increase, will disdain Me even more. Never knowing My truth in My word, they will misjudge My actions as severe and unjust, for all they know and believe about Me is that I AM love. A father I have not been to them, though they refer to Me as such. It is only a traditional name that temporarily relieves their conscience of un-purified thoughts that leave them hindered by guilt. How weary I have become to hear them say publicly that they love Me, when they know Me not. Professions of piety and good works leads them farther from My truth.

A new day is approaching, one that will strip humanity of all freedom to choose. A day filled with deceit, delusion, and fear. See to it that every opportunity you have to draw unto Me, you esteem and drink deeply of Me through prayer and true worship, without hypocrisy. My sustenance will provide, guide, protect, and refresh when all that is left are empty pews disguised by a false light that is not of Me.

Take heed and run now to Me

Take heed and do not repeat the sins that lead to eternal heat

Take heed and repent from determined rejection of the truth you have unfastened

Leaving you blind and without peace

Take heed. You have need of Me.

End of message.

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