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America’s Soul is Burning...

(Received 11.5.2019)

The following was made known to me, start of message below.

The burning of America’s soul is underway. She seethes injustice and wicked scheming from deep within. She has become heartless, seeking after her own good.

What of the nations she has calmly lied to and deceived?

What of her promises, made in good faith, yet never fulfilled?

She will see the pot of injustice pour over her when no one will hear her cries for help. Now is the time for deep seeded corruption to be rooted out in all social spheres.

What can cleanse you, oh America? My righteousness and holy blood, untainted by sin, and long reserved for you.

Are you not one nation under God? Then, what causes you to turn from Me, the Almighty God?

Your ritualism and traditions of men have left you empty of the real power behind the founding of your land. It was the power of the Almighty who enabled your Pilgrims to establish their homes and grow into the once great nation you once were.

Your cauldron of spoils are rotten and putrid before Me. Deep cleansing is what your nation needs, cleansing from within. My blood was shed for you, America. What have you done with My eternal sacrifice for you?

A house divided against itself will not stand.

A nation divided against itself will not stand.

Your sins invaded your land leaving you poor, blind, and wretched. Still, you say: “We have no need from anyone.”

Turn from your wicked ways, while you still stand. Turn to Me and I will heal your land.

(End of message)

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