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A Sovereign Move is Coming

Shekinah Glory is coming.

Vessels will be made full of pure power, glory power.

Shekinah Glory is coming.

People who need Me will see Me like never before, do the miraculous in them, and around them.

Shekinah Glory will be a multi-faceted demonstration of My presence among many who believe Me, need Me, and seek Me.

Un-containable, limitless, and powerful are a few words that describe the coming outpouring of My presence on those who need Me, seek Me, and rely on Me. A waterfall it will be covering all who come unto Me. Do not fear when it comes near, for flesh has not seen this way before.

As Moses did not see the face of God and was protected from My glory, so will you see a portion of My glory, one you've never seen. This glory will cause reverence of the Mighty God, once again. It will change the flippant hearts of many to humble hearts before Me.

Let no man touch My glory with attempts to manipulate or control My presence among you. A sovereign move is only sovereign because the Holy One initiates it and oversees it. The people of the earth will be roused by My presence, one last time, like never before.

The time of mass salvation and miracles approaches.

Are you ready?

Harp and Song: Shekinah Glory

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