Shallow No More

An inch deep is all you seek

But you know there is so much more

If you would only seek me

And then you would really see

Just how deep I can meet all of your need

Needs of health

Needs of hope

Needs of healing

And needs of families who can no longer

Restrain their disdain

Though all is smiles and love in vain

To hide away the pain

Created in yesterday

Seeking all but finding none

And breaking a vicious cycle of pulling down

And away while you scratch your way

Toward all that seems to offer you hope and love that lasts

Still, I am here to hear and listen to your sorrows

That stems from generational pain meant to restrain

A new song for you is how I will call you

Through the door of hope I have set before you

A song to heal

A song to assure

A song to answer while feeling demure

I am calling you out into the deep

The deep waters of my grace

And love so pure, you can finally rest assured

 That I am more than shallow waters

You thought were aloof from you

Plunge deep in me – my love is here

And you will know

I am your Kingly Priest

 Jesus, son of Elohim


Matthew 4:4 (Passion Translation)

He answered, “The Scriptures say:

Bread alone will not satisfy,

    but true life is found in every word,

    which constantly goes forth from God’s mouth.”