Hour of Power

The hour of my power is about

To shower in the coming hour.

A new hour of my glory will be seen

And felt by all in the coming hour.

Those who seek me will really find me

And begin to see I AM all I say

I AM in my word.

Those who are left out

Refuse to believe in my deity

Seen in the holy trinity.

No blame will they place on any

As they are left out of the last day power.

Strange fire they’ve pursued

And now have no use

For the one they say made them new.

They stand aloof but not rooted in me.

Systems of power have become their god

And in the last hour will strip them of all

Their perceived power that will be unable

To keep them from my hour of tribulation

That will consume every single nation.


Revelation 3:10 (Passion Translation)

Because you’ve passionately kept my message of perseverance, I will also keep you from the hour of proving that is coming to test every person on earth.