When I Needed You

When I needed you

You were there

When I left you

You remained

When I returned to you

You embraced me

I returned as a dismal sight

I was filled with anger, sorrow, and fright

Yet, you called my name

Until the shame left and no longer constrained

Free to feel your love and joy

Celebrating hope and life anew with you

Because of You, I forgave all of those in my old milieu

And came directly to you

Under Your wings I found solitude that soothed my soul

And now I really know that all the shame in my youth

That was so painful to name, you remade

By the power of your Holy name

What is the name that freed me from grief?

What is the name that freed me from unbelief?

What is the name that lifted the weight of hate?

And unending memories of tear filled calamities?

No other name, but the name of Jesus

No other name, but the name of the one true God

No other name, but the name of the Holy Spirit

All three came to me and re-made me for you

You who are now reading

You who are now hurting

You who are now seeking deep relief

From pain so deep that you are unable to sleep

You’ve peeked into another page

Hoping to relieve your pain

And now you found this poem

Giving you the hope that you are not alone

A lie you’ve believed

But now you can see

That through these words

You were meant for more

God alone can be your anchor

And give you far more

Than you could have ever hoped for