The Source of Life

The source of life came to life

And gave you the right

To access His might

Through the night

You have sought

To make things right

With limited sight

As how you could

Turn the tide that caused extreme fright

Leaving you without the will to fight

Regaining your name left in blight

Everything fake that was placed

Like a snake in your life was meant to overtake

And remake your soul into a place of constant pain

Almost permanently stained with the rain of public shame

High and mighty they towered over you

To judge without a trace of insight

Many lies supported by bribes

Was how they covered their own shame

They used your name to take their blame

To prevent the fires of others

From consuming their precious names

Now their mighty kingdom is gone

And all who stood to ruin you have left you

Leaving with their pride

Never cherishing you

Though they said they had been true

Now you ponder the meaning of life

As you consider the little you see by human sight

Your sight is insufficient to gain insight

Into all you have endured

Alone and bereft of hope

And reclaiming your own life

It was taken from you by one word of falsehood

One word of shame

One word of revenge

Now, turn your life into the hands

Of the one who can

Remake you anew

And fill you with love

Like fresh dew from above

The sting of life long pain

Comes to an end when choosing to forgive

The judges and lies that bound you in pain

And kept you tied to yesterday

Today, forgive a bit more than yesterday

To shed the shame

That has cloaked your broken heart

It’s a new start

So that God can impart

The missing parts of your heart

Then you can start to make sense of their game

All in the name of what’s best for the child

Yet meant to remove your smile

Divide and collide you

All the while with all that reeks of deceit

Look again dear friend

And let Him mend deep within

Where no one has been

For fear of betrayal remains constrained

While you continue to cry out in pain

You will never win alone and stained

With pain from yesterday

Lift up your hands

So you can stand in the land

You were made to expand

With what was placed in your hands

Before all the trauma ever began

Surprised you are

Dejected you are not

Hope is yours

Shame is not

Healing is yours

Anger and rage are not

Today it ends

If you begin to make amends

Start first with Him

He is not to blame for the shame

A seed of evil planted in weak minds is where it all began

He did not cause your demise

He loves you and longs to restore you

Reach out to him and begin to see

How he will come in and restore your heart

For I know that it’s never too late to start

Psalm 44:15-16 (Passion Translation) There’s no escape from this constant curse, this humiliation! We are despised, jeered, overwhelmed by shame, and overcome at every turn by our hateful and heartless enemies.

Psalm 40:16 (Passion Translation) But let all who passionately seek you erupt with excitement and joy over what you’ve done! Let all your lovers rejoice continually in the Savior, saying, “How great and glorious is our God!”