Hidden Away

As if hidden under ground with a heavy lid that you cannot lift

You were left, alone and cold

Yet I have been known by you

In the hidden place

A place with deafening silence and loneliness

A place separated and apart from all that would distract you

A place meant for your disgrace

A place meant to strip you of hoping in my grace

I see your hiddenness

I see your questions

I see your doubt and confusion

I also see all those who walked all over you

Even when you tried to leave the place of hiddenness

That place was meant to displace

It was meant to create a state of feeling crazed

It was not intended to protect you

It was a lie to keep you hidden in that place

I call out to you my hidden ones

Come out of that hidden place

It’s time to display my grace in the face of all who caused you shame

It’s time to run the race set for you to run in your lane and at your pace

Lift up your heads

Shake off your webs from yesterday

When you were in the hidden place

There I taught you

There I spoke to you

When everyone else rejected you

Your youth were the years of your greatest sorrows

Now, you will see how your tomorrow

Will be used to supply you with many a place

To speak out about my grace

Perplexities of mind and heart you have endured

A label you were given years ago

And by it you defined who you were

That label has no power to restrain you

Any longer in that hidden place

While you wrestled with much

Shame and confusion within

I have been at work within you

There in that hidden place

Come out hidden ones

Come out hidden jewels

Come out hidden hearts

And begin to impart all that

I have taught you

While you were in that hidden place