What do you worship?

The internal soulish blockages that cause turmoil in emotions and memories, through a determined decision, can be removed by the dedicated action of worship. The word, worship, is defined as ascribing the worth and value of God. The act of worship involves the intentional surrender of our souls (minds, emotions, will) to God as our hearts are fully open and receptive to his presence, through the person of the Holy Spirit. The more intentional we are to surrender to the God of love, Yahweh, the more the limitations of pain from yesterday disintegrate in the power of his love and peace that are felt through the Holy Spirit. 

Humanity was created to ascribe worship to God. He said: "You shall have no other God before me." Whatever we value more than the Creator of humanity, is a false god. The struggle to lay down false god's is due to our emotions being attached to the momentary high's of what we perceive as valuable and worthy in our lives.

These "high's" are an endless attempt to distract us so that the soul finds its substitutes of false peace, wisdom and knowledge elsewhere. These dark wells of falsehood are not meant to give everlasting life. They are not true because they do not uphold the words of truth from Jesus, the Son of God. Often, the confusion they create will keep a soul in chaos, spinning, and churning with restlessness. The purpose is to keep the recipient bound to a society of lies, enchantments, and rituals supposedly meant to increase enlightenment. The source of enlightenment is only Jesus, he is the original light of the world, none other. 

As such, Jesus is the only one worthy and deserving of worship in song, thought, and word. Because of the intentional act of worship, the soul receives newness of the life of Jesus in thoughts (thinking processes, ideas, decisions) in emotions (emotional stability) and in the mind (mental stability). All souls are born into a state of disrepair. All souls are in need of one great enough to rescue them from the imperfections therein, and then enliven it in the human spirit by the spirit of Jesus. A human spirit enlivened by the spirit of Jesus encounters refreshing and renewal by the Holy Spirit. Consequently, the individual begins to live in the only true light and knowledge of eternal life, who is Jesus, son of the only true God, Yahweh.

Worship then acknowledge God's sovereignty, power, and glory as the true father of humanity. A father's love he will give in place of a human father's inability to love, protect, provide, and nurture. He is true, pure, and perfect love. This is evidenced by his sending his only Son, Jesus, to give his life for the human race.  Jesus did not come to judge or condemn, but to give his life for humanity and to love us into eternity with him.

John 3:16 (The Passion Translation) For this is how much God loves the world - he gave his one and only, unique Son as a gift. So now everyone who believes in him will never perish but experience everlasting life.

Isaiah 47:12-13 (AMPC) Persist, then, with your enchantments and the multitude of your sorceries [Babylon], in which you have labored from your youth; and see if perhaps you will be able to profit, if you will prevail and strike terror! You are wearied with your many counsels and plans. Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, and the monthly prognosticators stand up and make known to you and save you from the things that shall come upon you [Babylon].

AMPC= Amplified Classic Translation