Soul Wrecked, Soul

A million pieces is what you see, but a whole soul is what you are meant to be. Piece by piece your soul was stripped from the wholeness with which it was created, by me. Every lie you believed opened another sliver in your soul. That allowed deceit to pull you away from me. Some of the parts of your heart were stolen without your consent as you were too young to know what was meant by what was done in shadows dark, and full of ungodly events.

Repeated wear and tear of your soul continued as you grew old. Still, you’re not too old to receive newness of your soul. All the pieces scattered apart, some beyond your control and some because of yesterday’s wounds. Yet, all are able to come back together because of my heart that was given to you in my death to defeat your soul’s enemy.

A wrecked soul, shattered just like glass lays all around you. The pieces have continued to hurt you and those around you. The edges are sharp and jagged, beyond your control to repair. Today is a new day for you as you stumble about to come out of repeated mistreatment and condemnation from years gone by, all of which you thought you had left in the past.

Still, the jagged edges get sharper every year, making you wearier of life itself. A proper perspective you’ve been missing to help you understand that your life compass was broken before you could really talk. Your soul bruises began long ago and in them you formed mindsets that kept you entrapped to all that pains you. In turn, this keeps you in a repeated pattern of confused thoughts and behavior, all filled with fear and loss. Hidden beneath and waiting for relief is your potential that no one has seen and no one can perceive; but me, I see.

I see because I created you with all the gifts and talents you’re not even aware of. Gifts so unique and specially crafted for you, waiting to find their relief past all of your grief. I can give you this release simply by your belief in me to do all I say in my written word, which is given for your reprieve.

A wrecked soul is not beyond my ability to steep in my peace and breathe my life of hope in your soul. Some see worthlessness, I see beauty. Some see poverty, I see wealth. Some see pitiful, I see royalty.

When you believe what I’ve already spoken about you, your soul will come together in perfect unity because of and in me. Just as the universe is held together in me, you can be brought back together in perfect unity when you believe my truth about you found in my written word from so long ago. I am the same yesterday, today, and forever. Therefore, my words retain my power to heal, restore, and renew regardless of the time elapsed between yesterday and today.

A wrecked soul is my specialty for all of humanity. If you can believe in me and my words of life written in my book, the Holy Book, you will soon see I am not an illusion, but the solution to your pain filled soul that was wrecked so very long ago.

Matthew 11:28 (Amplified Translation) Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest. [I will ease and relieve, and refresh your soul.]