The Sheep who Weep

       Over the valleys, and through thick woods, their wool has been ripped from their bodies, and now they're in a deep mess. They've been enmeshed with leaders who’ve led them through mountains of deceit and false beliefs. In me they can find relief for the scars that are left are so very deep. They're left without any hope of relief from continuous lies meant to heap on false beliefs. Many are controlled and weak through confounded thoughts that are brought on through mounds of deceit.

       Be assured, my sheep, that those who led you out of my pasture by cunning lies that are meant to tie you to dogma and doctrines, devoid of my truth; these will certainly reap. My sheep are in deep with others who adore the leaders’ minds and thoughts. They’re cleverly re-routing the sheep’s hearts through offers of being bought.  Then they're sought for their alliance which in the end, will be brought to naught.

       I will bring my sheep out of the falsehood so many have already despised because of their pain. All they needed, and wanted, was the new way from my heart to impart new hope and life. They’ve walked through many dark nights, some alone and some in small groups with one desire, which is my pure fire.

       A day is coming when my truth and light will hover over my sheep. Arise and run they will go to others who walk with goats, cloaked as sheep who only serve to cause deceit. My sheep have heard my voice and stood on my word with complete solidarity only for me. Aroused by jealousy, the falsehood in my church has sought to derail all who would leave and simply come unto me.

       Yet, I hear my sheep, and I see my sheep unable to sleep or eat. Deep contempt from deceit has gone so deep, they fear to leap and cling only to me. In days ahead, their main stead will only be found in me. The sheep and goats surely divide, one to my right and one to my left. Clearly, all will see that I do care for my sheep as they learn to look only to me.

       Uncover, I will, the lies and deceit meant to trap and control in the end will fall very low. No one shows how nervous they feel about my glory, which will change the story, for all who’ve toyed with my own sheep. Soon, no more will they weep because I will bring them quite close to me.

John 10:27 (Passion Translation) My own sheep will hear my voice and I know each one, and they will follow me. I give to them the gift of eternal life and they will never be lost and no one has the power to snatch them out of my hands.