Confusion of the Soul

         I AM about to take the lid off things hidden deep and steeped in the soul that is lost and weak. Weakness has been the door to any and all types of coping methods that have led to more and more confusion. Picture, if you will, a pile of dimly lit coal embers. A fire can only roar when those embers are fit closely together. Then, by adding gas and quickly lighting a match, the fire will blow wide open, devouring all within its path.

         What causes confusion is when the areas of pain in you are touched by coping methods that only serve to ignite, like a fire, driving swirling thoughts of confusion in your soul. The soul is delicate; yet, it molds and attaches to what it perceives will bring relief, even if that relief briefly lifts the fog that hinders and keeps you in deceit. What’s better for you, another short lived coping method you perceive will bring relief, or genuine transformation of your mind, heart, and soul? Now, your head is hung down low, no other vice can restrain all of your pain. No other prop can be used as a substitute meant to pollute your soul.

         A long time ago, you once heard of a man. A man like no other was he. Too many placed upon you the burden to be perfect. Soon, you began to believe that he could never cause the same effect in you that he had left in others, whom you assumed walked in his steps. In frustration, you gave up and walked away, but he never gave up on you. Now, your soul aches with deep regret, and confusion has never left. Take a chance and push through the voices that keep you in regret and bind you to a past you never envisioned could happen to you. Remember, it is still true that God is our helper and friend. God is your upholder and is with them who defend your life.

         A new age is yet to come. All who have known the reality of his pure love and deliverance from sin and pain will join him in his kingdom reign. That kingdom on earth has within it a place for you. Today, take one step at a time, and you will find a clearer mind. He will unwind your thoughts and soon you will know his thoughts, which have always been about you.

Isaiah 49:16 (Amplified Translation) Indeed, I have inscribed (a picture of you) on the palms of My hands; …

Revelation 21:1-2 (Passion Translation)  Then in a vision I saw a new heaven and a new earth. The first heaven and earth had passed away, and the sea no longer existed. I saw the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, descending out of the heavenly realm from the presence of God, like a pleasing bride that had been prepared for her husband, adorned for her wedding.