A New Year Offer

        A new you for the New Year is what I want, you, to hear. I say, no more tears, or fears to strip you of hope from all the things you still ponder without hope. This year can be the year when you come out of all that kept you down and far away from all that you once cherished and welcomed in your life.

        A seed of strife has cut like a knife almost every night. Searing pain made you feel as listless as a kite. Only in my might can you find the answer to this dreadful strife. You’ve wanted it to end, on your own and totally alone; no one to help you, no one to guide you through the tear filled nights. What about allowing my might to fight through the heights of insecurity and strife?

        An endless stream of tumultuous waves you’ve encountered in your thoughts and in your soul. Some waves began in the cave where you were made to remain, when those who said they loved you, walked away. And in the cave of shame and pain you have felt disdain. A soul with no light to lift the darkness of the night, is a soul in need of my divine hope.

        I AM Creator of your soul meant for an eternity with me in complete serenity in the secret place made for those whose souls are filled with my light and love. A new year, a new soul, and a new life is offered to you through these words during the greatest time of your need. I can meet every need you have for I AM the hope that you seek. You long for sweet sleep, free from fear, and tears - without evil in your ears. Let this be the pivotal year when you say, yes, to the best and begin to live in my divine rest.

        I offer my love, my cleansing, and my freedom. Together, we’ll be in my kingdom made of peace, joy, and light. Sheer purity and love will wrap themselves around all of my beloved, especially those who long for true love which is only found through my Son, Jesus.

        His grace waits for the human race to acknowledge his name. Only in his name will his grace cause all the shame and disgrace to be erased. Completely new and restored into a beautiful you is what he will do as you place your heart and life into his hands. No need to wait, so start today and he will show you his way.

Psalm 18:30 (Passion Translation)  What a God you are! Your path for me has been perfect! All your promises have proven true. What a secure shelter for all those who turn to hide themselves in you! You are the wrap-around God giving grace to me