Dreams Can Live

For some, a dream never existed.

For some, a dream was shattered.

For some, a dream was impossible.

Now, even today, life has become unbearable. What remains are empty places in time because of so much pain, so much trauma. Gaps of time exist without a reasonable explanation. Maybe denial of what really happened is best so that somehow you can live.

Family voices ridicule and shame you, and you feel stuck in the same place, barely able to let others see your face. Success eludes your grasp, not only for financial stability but for the fulfillment you never had, yet all around you so many progress.

Emotionally, the death of your dream, however it happened, has literally cost you so much as you’ve tried to make sense of a past that no one seems to want to discuss. The past is over without consideration for all that you have lost.

Gaining traction for what lies ahead is all that is left. In the forward momentum is where you will see clearly what your next step is to be, not in the past. Others who’ve been through what you’ve endured, are not as far from you as you think.

Today, stop to question what small change can you make that will change your thoughts about tomorrow? All change begins in our thoughts because our thoughts lead us to make decisions and our decisions create our present and our future.

What one thought plagues you? What if you changed it, then how would your future look? Could it be that you could find yourself dreaming, hoping, and maybe even living with just one new thought?