Ivette Ellis



Suffocating grief, anger, and post-traumatic stress disorder were Ivette’s constant companions in her young adulthood. By her mid-30’s her health began dwindling because of un-forgiveness, culminating in severe chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and two total physical collapses. Providentially, the door to her future was unlocked at that time through an offer to forgive, and the determined choice to follow through with it. Her book, Whisper to Us: Hope for Change and Recovery leads the reader through their own soul healing adventure.

Today, many years later, having released the pains of her soul and graduating with a Master of Social Work degree from The University of Alabama, she writes to impart insight, healing, and hope. She seeks to help others untie their emotional knots by describing how the soul’s defenses operate to prevent healing. Her writing combines the reality of behavioral health challenges and the ingrained complexities often found in a wounded soul.

Visitors of this website can expect a place of solace and healing through her inspired articles, songs accompanied with her harp, in 2018, poetry, books, and through serene art creations produced by her daughter, Nina Deliź.

Ivette is the first place award recipient in the category of short nonfiction in the 2017 Georgia Peach Writer’s Contest. She is a contributing author in the following published anthologies: Fifty over 50: Who is that Woman in the Mirror? as well as Fifty over 50: Couples Edition. Also, her contributions in The Divine Moments series will be published in 2018. Currently, Ivette is working on her next book, When Voices Condemn: The silent twenty eight year journey of a single mother struggling with loss, grief, and social chagrin.

When she isn’t writing or composing melodies, her family shares her enthusiasm with all things outdoors, overstuffed jelly doughnuts, and jet ski’s during the summer time.